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música contemporánea

masmenos emerges in 2012 until nowadays as a platform, a unique space where a fluent and constant communication between the composers and performers is being promoted. Its main goal is inhabited by the production and musical research in the field of contemporary music.

With the purpose of encompass an interval that involves instruments and new languages, masmenos reveals itself adding and subtracting plausible art combinations. Although there is a condition that is better to know beforehand: New possibilities not always add up, nor tradicional instruments justify themselves. Luckily, they don´t subtract either. We should rather be tolerant and allow a degree of uncertainty, openness and error upon enjoying feasible mixtures and hybridizations.

masmenos is an artistic initiative with an international scope that arises in the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, which supports actively this endeavor.

masmenos | vocal femenino
  • maría carranza | sopran I
  • natalia vartanian | sopran II
  • victoria williams | alto I
  • virginia gorostiga | alto II
  • juan manuel brarda | director
  • darío pagliaricci | electronics | artistic director

María Carranza
María Carranza Sopran María Carranza was born on May 22nd 1985. She is currently completing her studies of singing at the Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory of La Plata, Argentina. She studied Choral Conducting at the College of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata, Argentina, during 2008 and 2009. In 2016 she began studying Ancient Music at the Higher Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla of the city of Buenos Aires. Between 2002 and 2006, she attended regular lessons of cello with professor Pablo Romero. She has studied singing with Alberto Jauregui Lorda, María Rosa Farré, Patricia González and Alejandra Malvino, her current professor. In 2011, she attended the seminar of French Song “L´Invitation au voyage”, given at the UNA by Víctor Torres. In the last years, she carried out summer courses given by Opitz devoted to Brahms, Wolf and Schumman. In 2014, she attended the Workshop on singing pedagogy given by Mónica Sardi and Gabriela Labanda (Germany) in La Plata. Last summer she attended a course of Baroque Music Interpretation given by Federico Ciancio in Bariloche. During 2011 she attended the initial level drama course conducted by Febe Chavez.
As a Choir Singer she has been a member of the Youth Choir of the National University of La Plata, conducted by Master Cánaves, the “Vocal de Cámara Platense” conducted by Master Fernando Tomé, the Vocal Chamber Group “Tous Ensemble”, which has won many awards and with which she has carried out two tours around Europe, conducted by Emiliano Linares, the ancient music group “In dulci jubilo” conducted by Siminovich, the “Coral del Nuevo Mundo” conducted by Oscar Esclada, the “Grupo Vocal de Difusión” conducted by Mariano Moruja, and during 2016 she was contracted as a temporary member by the Chamber Choir of the province of Córdoba and by the Polyphonic Choir “Delfino Quirici” of Río Cuarto of which she is still a member.
As soloist she has sung in many performances carried out by the “Opera workpshow of the Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory” in the following roles: Rocío in Hansel and Gretel by Humperdinck, Monica of “The Medium” by Menotti, “Rita” of Rita by Donizetti, “Nella” in Gianni Schicchi by Puccini, “Pamina” in “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. She has also participated as soloist in “The Fairy Queen” by Purcell at the performance presented by the students of 3rd year of the career of choir conducting of the College of Fine Arts at the “Pasaje Dardo Rocha” auditorium, in 2010. She has been a member of the quintet at the “Lamento de Ariadna by Monteverdi, performed at the City Bell Chamber Theater by CEA (camera in alternative venues) November 2011 and December 2014. He was part of Lírica Lado B in the opera Utopia Limited by Gilbert and Sullivan, in the role of Nekaya in the Manzana de the Lights during October and November of 2012 CABA. In the same city, she participated as a Damon in Acis & Galatea, held by the Handel Society in October 2012 in the Methodist Church. In 2013 she participated in the role of Bastiana in Bastián and Bastiana de Mozart performed by The Itinerant Company in Chamber Theater of City Bell and Teatro El Bombín.
During 2012 and 2013 she gave concerts of chamber music with the pianist Esteban de Bardeci and the guitarist Gonzalo Molina in the city of La Plata and in Corrientes. She also sung as a soloist accompanied by the cello octect conducted by Pablo Romer in 2012 and 2014. She has sung with the “0,618 Contemporary Music Ensemble” and with “Cappella del Plata” conducted by Sergio Casanovas in different concert halls of the cities of La Plata and Buenos Aires. In March 2015 and 2016 she sung as a soloist at the Easter week concert with the “Coro Estable de Tandil”, conducted by Annele Moroder.
Natalia Vartanian
Natalia Vartanian sopran Natalia Vartanian was born in Cordoba Capital in. At the age of five, she stared studying music at “Escuela de Niños Cantores de Cordoba”, a humanistic and music school founded by Professor Herbert Diehl. She graduated from said institution and got a degree as a Choir Conductor and was awarded the Music Merit distinction that the institution grants to outstanding students each year. At present, she is living in La Plata, city where she is taking a Bachelor’s degree in “Choral Conducting” at the School of Fine Arts.
She was a member of various choral groups, as “Coro del Seminario de Canto del Teatro del Libertador” (a prestigious choir from the San Martin Theater) and “Maguey” vocal group, both of which were conducted by Professor Hugo C. de la Vega; the chamber vocal group “Tous Ensemble” conducted by Bachelor Emiliano Linares, period in which said group was awarded numerous distinctions in different national choral contests; “Grupo Vocal de Difución” (GVD) conducted by Professor Mariano Moruja; and has participated as temporary member (reinforcement) in different musical performances of the “Coro Polifonico Nacional” (polyphonic choir that depends on the National State) under the conduction of famed foreign conductors, the “Coro Polifonico Delfino Quirici” form Rio Cuarto city, the “Coro Polifonico de la ciudad de Cordoba” (polyphonic choir that depends on the Provincial State) and the “Coro de Camara de Cordoba” (chamber choir that depends on the Provincial State) conducted by Professor Gustavo Maldino. Besides, she is deputy conductor and vocal coach of various choral groups in La Plata, and teaching assistant of the subject “Tecnica Vocal 1” (vocal techniques I) from the degree in “Direccion Coral” (choral conducting) at the School of Fine Arts. Her studies as a lyric soprano started in 2006 with Claudia Cugnini. In May 2013, she took an intensive course of vocal techniques with Professor Raul Gimenez in the academy “Concertante Barcelona” of such city. In 2015, she took an advanced course of “chanson française” in Paris with Professor Emmanuel Olivier.
She studied vocal techniques with famed Professors, such as Patricia Gonzalez, Maria Daneri, Graciela de Gyldenfeldt, Monica Phillibert, Raquel Winnica, Rosa Dominguez (Basilea), and repertoire with Jorge Ugartamendi, Juan Pablo Scafidi and Cecilia Prieto.
She first performed as a lyric soprano in “The Magic Flute”, opera in which she interpreted the role of Pamina with the opera company “A-Cuerda” conducted by Patricia Gonzalez.
In 2013, she took part in a project carried out by the School of Fine Arts of UNLP called “La opera desde adentro” (opera from within) in the opera “Dido and Aeneas” performing the role of Belinda, and in 2015, she interpreted the role of Iphigenia in the opera “Iphigénie en Tauride” (Iphigenia in Tauris) as part of the same project.
María Victoria Williams
María Victoria Williams Alto Graduated from Domingo Zípoli School, I.P.E.M. n ° 36 - Bachelor as a Music Teacher and Choir Conductor( 2003) .
I’ve participated in several youth choral presentations, under well- known conductors like Milagros Bruner, Gabriela Zabala, Gustavo Pellicer, Hugo de la Vega, Matías Saccone and Gustavo Maldino.
In 2005, I’ve began a degree in Musical Composition, attending to the all “End of the Year Concerts”, presenting own authorship works, and performing classmates compositions throughout the whole career.
Since 2014, I’ve been taking lyrical singing classes with Professor Marcela Benedetti, and continue at the present.
I’ve actively participated in different master classes dictated by renowned Masters, including Guillermo Opitz, Marina Silva, Rebeca Martin and Roland Hagemann.
I’m a currently member of the Seminar Choir of the Teatro del Libertador San Martín (Conductor Mtro. Matías Saccone) with whom I’ve developed different performances in both solo and choir roles.
Professional Accomplishment:
In May , 2014, I won the contest organized by the Ministerio de Cultura de la Municipalidad de Córdoba ( Culture department - Cordoba City County ) to occupy a position as a contralto ( alto ) at the Coro Municipal de Córdoba ( County City Choir ) where I’m working at the present.
At the beginning of 2016, I’ve auditioned for a merit order list in both state Choirs, the Chamber Choir and the Polyphonic Choir of the Province, obtaining the first place in both auditions, which allowed me to attend both choirs under contract throughout that year.
In 2017 I’ve auditioned again to renew the order of merit list at the Chamber Choir, obtaining the first place once again. I’m currently working as a singer at that Choir.
Virginia Gorostiaga
Virginia Gorostiaga Alto Virginia Gorostiaga (Mezzo-soprano) graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música Julián Aguirre of Río Cuarto obtaining the degree of “Trayecto Artístico Profesional T.A.P musical instrument: violin” (Prof. Eduardo Lhez) in 2011.
She started her singing lessons with Prof. Carolina Schneiter (2007-2009). Then, she continued her studies with the mezzo- soprano Prof. Marcela Benedetti (2010-2014) in Córdoba City. Since 2016 she has been studying with Patricia González (Córdoba).
She has been part of several choirs and vocal ensembles in Río Cuarto (Córdoba). In 2005 she became a member of “Coro Polifónico Delfino Quirici”, an official choir of the Cordoba Province. In this institution she interpreted the Alto solos in pieces like “Te Deum”/ Haendel and “Te Deum”/Mendelsshon (Conductor: Graciela Flores) “Mass in D minor”/Dvorak ( Conductor: Hugo de la Vega) and “Lauda Sion”/Mendelsshon (Conductor: Luis Pérez).
Since 2012 she is part of a group of young lyric singers “Compañía Vía Lírica”. With this aggrupation she interpreted “Tiempo de Luz Oscura” a selection of German lieder (Reggie: Cecilia Ruiz-Posse). Between 2014 and 2015 they played “Prohibido para Cantantes” (based on Prohibido Suicidarse en Primavera (Casona) Reggie: Prof. Jorge Varela. In 2016 she performed a selection of arias and motets by J.S BACH called “Bach en el Mundo Real” under the baton of Juan Manuel Brarda in different auditoriums in Cordoba, Río Tercero and Río Cuarto. At present, she is studying foreign languages at the program Tecnicatura en Lenguas (English and French) at Universidad Nacional of Río Cuarto and she is attending theater lessons at the Mascaviento Theatre (Prof. Jorge Varela).
Juan Manuel Brarda
Juan Manuel Brarda Director He began his musical studies at the Juan José Castro Conservatory in the city of Río Tercero – Córdoba, Argentina. He continued improving his education in the Conservatorio Garzón, the College of Arts (National University of Córdoba) and the Domingo Zípoli Institute, in the city of Córdoba. He got his Bachelor and Teaching degree in Music, specialized in Choral Conducting in the College of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata - Buenos Aires (FBA - UNLP), where he was assistant to the Department of Introduction to Language, Audioperceptive I and II and professor appointed to the chair of Choral Conducting IV and V. He studied singing with Professor Patricia González. He passed the competitive examination and was awarded the position of Coaching Maestro of the Coro Polifónico Delfino Quirici, professional body of the Córdoba Cultura Agency, based in the city of Río Cuarto. He is currently Artistic Director of the before-mentioned choir. He started his professional choral activity with Maestro Hugo de la Vega and joined numerous choral / vocal groups which were conducted by important conductors with whom he participated in tours and national and international competitions, performing in the most important venues in Argentina (Colón Theatre (Teatro Colón), Argentine Theater of La Plata (Teatro Argentino de La Plata), Kirchner Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural Kirchner), Usina del Arte, Libertador Theater, Ciudad Cultural KONEX, San Martín Theatre - Casacuberta, Juan Victoria Auditorium, among others). He is the conductor of Cuchicheros group. He has been the conductor of: Cantuta - Grupo Vocal Femenino (Vocal Female Group), with whom he won the first prize in the category Equal Voices and the Audience Award in the VIII AAMCANT Choir Contest; the vocal group Diagonal 8; the vocal group Piedra Sola; and the Lyric Choir of Pensiero in the city of La Plata; the Vocal Chamber Ensemble, New Art Youth Choir of the city of Río III, Córdoba and the Youth Choir of the San Francisco de Asís Institute in Santa Rosa, Córdoba. He has participated in congresses and has obtained scholarships to improve and boost cultural work for young musicians. He completed an internship at the Opera House in Rome (Italy), together with Maestros Roberto Gabbiani and Gea Garatti in February 2017. At the same time, he has continuously attended training refresher courses in choral and orchestral conducting with important local and international maestros, such as Mariano Moruja, Eduardo Ferraudi, Néstor Zadoff, Pablo Banchi, Alberto Balzanelli, Maria del Carmen Aguilar, Josep Prats, Dante Andreo, Marco Berrini, Naomi Farán, among others. As a conductor, he has participated in concerts and lyrical galas in important halls of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and San Juan; he premiered operas and works by Argentinian composers; he has been invited to conduct different vocal and choral groups of many musical genres; he has conducted at the XI International Baroque Music Festival "El Camino de las Estancias", organized by Manfredo Kraemer; he was Musical Director of the opera "The Barber of Seville" by G. Rossini in the Cycle of the KONEX Foundation "Vamos a la opera - 25º Aniversario" (Buenos Aires) and Musical Director of the opera "Dido and Aeneas " by H. Purcell, during the Inside the Opera Workshop (FBA - UNLP). He has been Musical Assistant in the opera "Iphigenia in Tauris” by CW Gluck at the above-mentioned Workshop and conductor of the opera "Gianni Schicchi" by G. Puccini organized by the Fundación Lírica Mediterránea and the AllOpera collective group. He was curator of important musical and cultural cycles, of which the cycle “In Scene” is worth-mentioning, with the participation of the National Symphonic Orchestra and the Ciclo Coral Luterano of La Plata. He was Assistant Secretary of Student Affairs in the College of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata and member of the Board of Directors of La Plata ADICORA (Association of Choir Conductors of the Argentine Republic). He was elected General Secretary in two consecutive administrations between 2013 and 2017. He is currently General Secretary of Adicora - Córdoba offices.
Darío Pagliaricci
Darío Pagliaricci Electronics and artistic director DARÍO PAGLIARICCI [Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina / 1977]: Argentinean Composer with residence in Río Cuarto (Córdoba). Composition degree by the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC, 2004). He focuses his work on new mediums, multimedia’s works, sonorous installations and Interactive Art through multiple interfaces and computer programming. Also is devoted to the artistic diffusion and production in the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto (UNRC).
He has participated of numerous workshops, composition courses, electroacoustic and multimedia art seminars in Córdoba and in Bs. As., among others: Forum Internacional Nueva Música with Mathias Spahlinger and Michael Maierhof (2013-2015), Forum Ircam at the UNSAM (2015), Open Lab Workshop with Yamil Burguener (2010), Zirkonium Composition Workshop with Ludger Brümer (2009), Postgraduate Course of PD-GEM with Pablo Cetta (2006), MAX-MSP course with Hans Tutschku (2003), New Technologies Seminar with Gonzalo Biffarella (2001-2002), etc.
Some of his instrumental and electroacoustic works has been programmed in the Center for Production and Research in Arts (CePIA – UNC), Centro Cultural España-Córdoba, Centro Cultural San Martín (Bs. As.), Casa de la Cultura (Río Cuarto), CEMAPA (Río Cuarto), Teatro Municipal (Río Cuarto), XII y XX Jornadas Internacionales de Música Electroacústica, etc. Also, numerous presentations of multimedia works in many artistic-cultural: La Noche de los Museos (2014), Jornadas Universitarias de Puertas Abiertas [JUPAS] – (2011), Foro Universitario Italiano Argentino (2011), UNIART ROMA [Feria Universitaria de Arte, Diseño, Turismo Cultural y Artesanías] – (2011), Universidad de la Sapienza y Universidad Roma Tre. (Roma, Italia – 2011), etc. Besides, original music for the documentary film Carreros: relatos del rebusque, winning the First Prize in the City of Río Cuarto (2009). Since 2012 is the Director and Producer of “MASMENOS: instrumentos y nuevas tecnologías”, and actually in “MASMENOS Ciclo Internacional de Música Contemporánea”.



We´d like to thank to all the composers that participate of the “MASMENOS 2018 International Contemporary Music Competition”.

More than 50 works were submitted from more than 15 countries all over the world. Composers from Brasil, USA, Canada, Portugal, Italia, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Armenia, Israel, Irán, South Korea and of course, Argentina.

With great satisfaction due to the huge interest in the competition and the impeccable work of the jury we have the pleasure to announce the winning works for the International Contemporary Music Competition MASMENOS 2018.

Category A- (women vocal quartet):

-Winning Work: vacant
-Honourable Mention: “La Destruction” – Federico García De Castro – Colombia.

Category B – (women vocal duo/trio):

– Winning Work: “Escapes ciegos en tinta verde” – Adolfo César De Boeck – Argentina.
– Honourable Mention: “Shappic Fragments” – Jae-Moon Lee – South Korea.
– Honourable Mention: “Choral” – Marjan Chalendar – Iran.


We had a prestigious jury with a renowned international trajectory:

-Eduardo Malachevsky (Argentina)
-Marcos Franciosi (Argentina)
-Valeria Martinelli (Argentina)
-Pablo Araya (Argentina)
-Juan Manuel Brarda (Argentina)
-Darío Pagliaricci (Argentina)

The winning works will be premiered by the “masmenos | vocal femenino” ensemble. This ensemble is formed by:

masmenos | vocal femenino

-María Carranza | Sopran I
-Natalia Vartanian | Sopran II
-María Victoria Williams | Alto I
-Virginia Gorostiaga | Alto II
-Juan Manuel Brarda | Direction
-Darío Pagliaricci | Artistic Direction


September 29st, 2018.
Salón Blanco de la Municipalidad de Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.

October 6th, 2018.
Casa de la Cultura, Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.


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Bass Clarinet
Darío Pagliaricci
Bass Cl.: Eduardo Spinelli.
+ view video

A 49 veces de mí

Bb Clarinet and Multimedia
Composition and Multimedia: Yamil Burguener
Sib Clarinet: Eduardo Spinelli
+ info y registros

Policromías I, II

Bass Clarinet
Marcos Franciosi
Bass Clarinet: Eduardo Spinelli

Bitácora en bit

Multimedia Performance
Yamil Burguener
+ info y registros

Puzzle ± Clarinetes virtuales

Bass Clarinet and live electronics
Composition and live electronics: Darío Pagliaricci
Bass Clarinet: Eduardo Spinelli
+ view video

october 24. Casa de la Cultura. Río Cuarto
november 07. Casa de la Cultura. Río Cuarto.
november 16. CePia. Córdoba.
november 28. CePia. Córdoba.


Double Bass and live electronics
Composition and live electronics: Darío Pagliaricci
Double Bass: Gustavo Aiziczon
+ view video

…un tercer espacio…(2011)

Bass Clarinet and Double Bass
Fernando Manassero
Bass Clarinet: Eduardo Spinelli
Double Bass: Gustavo Aiziczon

Jaque al tablero

Multimedia Performance
Yamil Burguener
Performers: Eduardo Spinelli, Gustavo Aiziczon
+ view video


Bass Clarinet, Double Bass and live electronics
Composition and live electronics: Darío Pagliaricci
Bass Clarinet: Eduardo Spinelli
Double Bass: Gustavo Aiziczon
+ view video

september 27. CCEC. Córdoba.
october 25. CCEC. Córdoba.
november 19. CEMAPA. Río Cuarto.

Por las ramas (2014)

Violín Solo
Leonardo Rojas
Violín : Leonardo Rojas

El silencio que sale del ruido de la lluvia se extiende (2011)

Piano Solo
Mariano Rocca
Piano: Gisele Tobares

Aglaope (2014)

Violín Solo
Darío Pagliaricci
Violín : Leonardo Rojas

El metal del diablo (2009)

Piano Solo
Pablo Araya
Piano: Gisele Tobares

november 18, Río Cuarto. Córdoba. Auditorio CEMAPA

archivo 2016 English


Ciclo Internacional de Música Contemporánea MASMENOS 2016
September 2016

september 07 2016. 17 hs.
Dialogue between composers: Samuel Cedillo.
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. UNC. Av. Vélez Sarsfield 299. Córdoba. Argentina.

september 08 2016. 18 hs.
Mexican composers of recent generations
Conference of Samuel Cedillo in Experimentalia
Centro Cultural España Córdoba. Entre Ríos 40. Córdoba. Argentina.

september 09 2016. 17 hs.
Conference:Julio Estrada.
Conservatorio Superior de Música “Julián Aguirre”. Córdoba 960. Río Cuarto. Córdoba. Argentina.

september 09 2016. 21 hs.
Concert: String Quartet UNTREF.
Teatro Municipal de Río Cuarto. Constitución 945. Río Cuarto. Córdoba. Argentina.

september 10 2016. 15 hs.
Conference: Julio Estrada.
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. UNC. Av. Vélez Sarsfield 299. Córdoba. Argentina.

september 10 2016. 20 hs.
Concert: String Quartet UNTREF.
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. UNC. Av. Vélez Sarsfield 299. Córdoba. Argentina.

september 10 2016. 23 hs.
Concert: David Nuñez y Eduardo Spinelli
Centro Cultural España Córdoba. Entre Ríos 40. Córdoba. Argentina.


Winning Works / MASMENOS Contemporary Music International Competition

– String Quartet Category

title: “El Camino II” v. 6.0 / composer: Alejandro Gómez Villagómez

title: “Imaginario Eidético” / composer: Damián Lautaro Gorandi

-Violin Solo Category

title: “Fragile”  / composer: José Río-Pareja


Composers are invited to submit works for the MASMENOS International Composition Competition.

The winning works will be premiered by the UNTREF String Quartet and the renowned violinist David Núñez.

MASMENOS Concert programme


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september 09 2016
Teatro Municipal de Río Cuarto.
Constitución 945. X5800BHH. Río Cuarto. Córdoba. Argentina

september 10 2016
Aula Magna Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. UNC. Av. Vélez Sarsfield 299. X5000JJC. Córdoba. Argentina.

december 16 2016
Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner. Sarmiento 151. C1041AAC. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Argentina.

december 17 2016
Centro Cultural Néstor Kirchner. Sarmiento 151. C1041AAC. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Argentina.


archivo 2018 English




Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto
Secretaría de Extensión y Desarrollo
Ruta Nac. 36. Km. 601. X5804BYA
Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina.
+54 9 358 420 9955

masmenos | vocal femenino

artistic direction




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